About the Artist

Fariba was born in Germany to a multicultural family. All her life she has existed between different worlds – torn between belonging and not belonging, being a part of something and looking in from the outside.With her mixed media collages she illustrates the opposing forces of light and dark through a deeply personal and intimate lens. One almost feels voyeuristic as they see the joy and pain in her art.Fariba created her first collages as a teenager – cutting and tearing pieces of images from magazines, rearranging them to explore her feelings and express her emotions visually.Fariba has a degree in visual arts and currently lives in Asheville, NC.

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Artist Statement

I receive such joy from the people who take a dive into my Collages to feel, explore and discover. People who pay close attention discover more the deeper they sink into the piece. I love to revisit my Collages, as there is often times even more to my subconscious symbolism than I am first aware.

Creating collages, for me, is a process. Many times I find an image or a part of one that speaks to my soul and then I get to work; letting that image interact with other pieces. At some point in this process all of the different parts begin to communicate with each other as if they are involved in a careful dance. The pieces are attracted and call to each other, while others are repelled. Eventually, the images find a connection resulting in harmony or drama perhaps. Then the final moment comes were everything blends together in alignment to my message. The use of pencils, markers, paint and ink add depth and life to the final work.