Her Own Breeze

Her Own Breeze – Mixed Media Collage by Fariba

This is a Collage I just finished based upon a recent documentary: “Hidden Letters”. I am fascinated by the beauty of Nüshu: a secret language women in China developed centuries ago to express solidarity to each other while experiencing a brutal form of societal patriarchy.  This repression was tangibly embodied in the practice of strict social mores including foot binding.

The movie shows wonderful present day Chinese women who keep the tradition of Nüshu alive by writing poetry in this secret language, teaching the writings to others or by reciting the poetry through song. The connection between traditional womanhood and modern feminism shown in Hidden Letters is beautiful and peaceful to me. – Fariba

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  1. I love Fariba’s art! When i delve into the many images and symbolic meanings woven into her collages, it reminds me of dissecting great poetry. And it’s true that as you revisit each piece you discover more and more, and deepen your initial viewing. thus the work becomes more beautiful still. there’s so much beauty and subconscious spelunking to be done in all of these pieces! Thank you for sharing them with us, Fariba!

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